To program this, use a Usb to Serial Programmer modified with the reset line connected to DTR via a 0.1uF cap.
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Warning: the following pcb is not verified yet
Related pcb ( can build for $1.40 each in packs of 10)

To modify the pcb, use these Eagle definitions:
ImagePart IdDescriptionWherePriceDataSheet
16mhz clockWith center grounding pinMouser Part0.44 
Atmega socket28pinMouser Part$.32 
220uF capUsed to smooth out power supplymouser part$0.09 
Usb to Serial ConverterDifferent pinout than FTDI but has all functionality of an FTDI$3.99 
3.3 Voltage RegulatorCould be used with 2.4 mHz transceivermouser part$.73datasheet
2.4 Megahertz TransceiverMore than 100 channelsiteadstudio part$4datasheet
Female HeaderThrough hole solderebay supplier$0.02 per individual header(in packs of 200) 
10K ohm resistor1/4 watt through-hole resistormouser part$0.03 (in packs of 100datasheet
ATMEGA328Microcontroller speed:16 megahertz RAM:32Kmouser part$2.73datasheet
Atmega168Microcontroller speed:16 megahertz Ram:16Kmouser part$2.77 (in packs of 10)datasheet

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